The day finally arrived, excited about travelling to Bali for the third time. It’s been a challenging year so far for us, my husband starting his business, dealing with both parents going through cancer treatments, the list is long. The reason for the holiday is to take some time out and recharge, PLUS to celebrate my big 3-0. SO to start off we woke up later than planned, and started to run late from then on. Side note my husband has issues with time management – it’s his ‘thing’. Drives me up the wall, but today I am happy to let him off the hook – just this once (hahaha)! Finally got ourselves packed and in the car by 9am, and we had planned to be at the airport at 9am… The drive to the airport didn’t take long, real surprise as Auckland traffic can be atrocious.

Being kind to my husband for taking his sweet time in the morning

Parked the car in the long term parking (it cost us not only an arm and a leg but throw in a couple of kidneys too – but TOTALY worth it!). Walked straight to the ‘Departures’ area in 5 mins (winning!).

I am very very very paranoid about people smuggling things into suitcases – so first thing on my list was to get the bags wrapped. We had checked in online the night before and picked our seats  for no added fee (2 seater at the back of the plane – again winning!! I have a thing for bathrooms. It’s a serious thing hahahaha…). We were expecting the check-in line for Emirates to be long but to our surprise there was no one in line! As I walked up to the counter I was a little anxious, worried about the 20kg allowance. First bag weighed – 19.7kg, fingers crossed for the second bag (my bag), and again 19.7kg. Something MUST be wrong with their scales. Well the universe is definitely working in my favour and I get to fly Auckland to Bali direct – goodbye long layovers in Australia!! We are definitely off to a good start. Got through the security check with no issues this time – AMAZING. Whenever we go through security the new e-passport scanner have difficulties identifying us – perhaps because we look so young compared to the photos or maybe because we are dark? Who knows hahahaha

Departed on time with no issues or complications. The plane was not full, there were several empty rows.

Great seats – look at that AMAZING leg room

Plenty of legroom, flight attendants were lovely and approachable, top notch service – that’s why I like Emirates. Two hours into the flight we got our meals served. I had pre-ordered the lactose free meal and it was alright – nothing to write home about.

There was an endless supply of water, tea, coffee and juices – a nice touch. The entertainment on board was good with recent releases, but I had no interest in watching anything. The highlight of the flight was the lavatory! Last year we flew with Malaysian Airlines and it was a total disaster – there was water on the floor, and only one was working, the journey was a nightmare. ANYWAY, the toilet on this flight was clean, there was hand lotion, hand soap, air freshener and it was kept clean the whole journey (I was in heaven – literally). I could talk about this all day :). The flight was really comfortable and painless. Just before we landed we got served a small little sandwich and a muffin. Again an endless supply of liquids to keep you full up.

Landed on time at Denpasar airport. As we walked out of the plane – Oh that smell – that familiar smell of Bali greeted us, it’s amazing, I can’t fully describe it. Straight through to Immigration – it took less than 10mins. The real wait was for the bags ~ 20 minutes.

The long wait for the bags

Declared some food I had to bring with me. No one seemed to care or want to look at what I had declared (I almost wanted to insist, but my husband hurried me along). Met our driver – Nyoman, he has been our driver for the last couple of times we have been to Bali. He is reliable and honest BUT above all very very patient with me (I have sent him a million emails changing my mind about things, he has always been kind and responds quickly).

Nyoman and us leaving the airport – laughing about the million emails XD

Headed to a reputable money changer first and then Mal Bali Galeria for the sim card. It was such a funny little experience. First we got lost in the mall as it is really really big. When I asked directions from a lady sitting at a bag stall, she pointed randomly in a direction (she seemed a little annoyed that I had disturbed her.) Quickly apologised and said thank you in the same breath. Walked aimlessly for a minute and we finally found the store – or the store found us. The security guard at the door helped us with the process of getting a ticket and told us to take a seat.

In line getting the sim card at Grapari Telkomsel – Mal Bali Galeria

After what seemed like an eternity our number was called up. We ended up buying a sim card with 35GBs of data for about $35NZD (at the airport they were offering 45GBs for 50NZD hmmmm). The registration process is not quick but once it was done, we were told the sim card worked immediately (it did). Then off to our first destination for a few nights. This is our first time staying in Sanur as previously we have stayed in Legian, Seminyak and Ubud. Decided to stay in Sanur after reading reviews that it’s a great place if one wants a slower pace. So we have decided to check it out and see how we feel about it. We arrived at our homestay (Kamboja), anxious and excited all at once. The check-in process was a little funny as the receptionist asked us to wait by the gate as he went to check if we had a booking. I got a little panicky – but alas all is well, and they have our booking – apologies all around. First impressions the room is big with a huge bed (that could fit four people – not that we are planning on testing that out) and with a big bathroom with shower (may I add very very clean – a tick for me) definitely good value for money and also has air conditioning and a pool.

Checked in at last!

I am very happy with my choice, husband is happy too. It is also our first time trying out a homestay – this trip for us is about trying new things with LOTS AND LOTS OF RELAXATION.

Quickly grabbed dinner at Warung Baby Monkeys (a 2 minute walk) – as it was one of the few places open late and busy with people. I have to say my meal was not the best (tofu curry), but I was too hungry and tired. Straight back to the room and off to bed. Excited for what the trip has in store for us. I am happy to be back in Bali again 🙂


  1. Margo Robertson

    Great report. What is the price of your room? I looked at the web site and was confused. Im going to sanur in november. Thanks, Margo

    • Author

      The room was about NZD40. Best to use for Kamboja though. If there are no bookings – contact the property (Yanma) via whatsapp and he will be able to give you the dates when the place is free. If you need his details let me know – happy to help


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