Sanur has been lovely and quiet, (the weather has been awesome not too hot, only rains in the early hours of the morning). Was a little concerned that the ‘quiet lifestyle’ would not work for me as I love the busyness of any place. So Sanur is a welcomed change – we will definitely return. Not only the atmosphere but the home-stay has also been a good experience – we really can’t tell the difference in service from a hotel, except in the number of guests.

First time staying at a homestay – it’s been good

The staff at Kamboja are friendly, and helpful. The place seems to be safe – there is a gate that is closed after hours and there are security cameras around the property (whether or not they work – we don’t know, but it’s a nice touch). The internet is good, it’s fast and reliable as we need it – for my husband (software developer). I am no expert but our experience with a home-stay has been really good so far (and budget friendly which is a plus!).

My body clock is still in Auckland time – so since we arrived, I am up at 4:30 am which works for me. It means I have more time to see and experience more of Bali 🙂 It’s so quiet at this time, with a motorbike or two zooming past if I listen really really closely  (I love listening to the roosters early morning – reminds me of Africa). First thing is to head to the beach for some exercise – it is always so peaceful and the view – beautiful.

View better in reality 🙂

The resorts along the beach are really beautiful and well looked after (mental note to self – will look into them for future trips). I was a bit perplexed as to why the workmen were watering the walkway (a bit pointless as folks are running and walking up and down with sandy shoes…).

Watering the footpath

I WAS so tempted to step on the hose and be a little cheeky, but I thought what self-respecting-soon-to-be-30-year-old would do such a thing – hehehehehe (the temptation was so great, it’s a miracle I didn’t do it. Maybe next time?). All along the walkway there are signs that clearly indicate scooters are not permitted on the walkway. However the place was riddled with people driving up and down – it appears the signs are merely suggestions.

The picture speaks for its self…

After the walk we headed back, and got ready for the day as we had plans to meet some friends in Seminyak. So the adventure begins and things got a little funny – I asked the reception to ring a taxi for us. We are waiting and waiting thinking we are getting the BlueBird taxi, but alas, no – he had rung the manager to come and ring the taxi for us. We thought this was really funny, anyway the manager insisted we use Grab for the journey as it was cheaper. I have never tried Grab – I asked if it was legal and his response was it was legal in the south of Bali (really now?).


This is where things get very interesting – before the taxi arrived we got a quote of how much the journey would cost (IDR79,000). The taxi arrives we jump in and exchange pleasantries (the usual, where are you from – we say New Zealand – he says no, where are you really from? It is always funny for us because New Zealand is home.  We may not be natives but we have lived in NZ for so long – I digress, haha). Anyway he then asks my husband if we are married or I am a girlfriend – my husband replies that I am his girlfriend, then we both giggled. The driver then proceeds to tell my husband that it is normal to be married (points to my husbands ring) and to also have a girlfriend as he looks at me. We don’t correct him and we all laugh. Throughout the journey he insistently requests for our number so he can pick us up and return us to Sanur – I then ask if it will cost the same for the return trip. He tells us the cost to Seminyak will need to be negotiated to IDR100,000.  Aha – that’s the catch – I tell him that a return trip to Sanur is not necessary we will find our way. He quickly states that because we are ‘nice’ he will not change the quoted price and will give us a ‘good price’ back to Sanur. To be honest at this point I was a little annoyed – as it shouldn’t be like this. Where is the integrity of the App if drivers can decide to change the quoted price whenever they feel like it. I understand that people need to make a living (heck I am trying to make a living too), but taking advantage of others is never a good thing. Anyway I politely declined, but he kept on insisting that I give him my number, as it would be easier for us. The man was very persistent, so I asked him to give me his number and I would contact him. I made the mistake of dialling his number *groans*, so he got my number because of my rookie mistake. He insisted we give him a time to pick us up – and my husband declined. Things became a little tense in the car – all I wanted was to arrive at our destination (Wild 1) as soon as possible. After what felt like forever, we arrived, before he could fully stop I was out of that car faster than a zebra being chased by a cheetah (exaggeration?? Maybe… but I truly believe in my heart, I am that fast… ?). I left my poor husband in the dust – as he paid the man. Thinking that ordeal was over – *my phone vibrates* I got a text from an Indonesian number – when do I pick you up? Oh no. *Phone vibrates again* another message. I am not proud of what I did (sorry) but… I blocked the number… I didn’t know how else I would have let him down gently (in hind sight I should have just said no we are not interested).

Met up with our friends who live in Bali at the restaurant – Wild 1, had lovely time, but the bathroom was in a state – I was not happy.

Wild 1 – in Seminyak

After a few hours we decided to say our goodbyes and head back (and grab some supplies from Hardy’s in Sanur). Can I just say trying to find a BlueBird taxi is challenging – all were occupied on this lovely afternoon. After waiting for 5 mins (I am not a very patient person, but working on it!), we decided to bite the bullet and jump into one that *beeped* at us. And sure enough in a second we were in a taxi with the meter switched on – on request…

Not a BlueBird taxi – BEWARE

What a long ride back – the traffic was terrible, but hey we have all the time in the world ?. The journey cost about IDR111,000, gave him IDR150,000 and he stated he had no change (note to self: always carry small notes). Honestly at this point I was not in the mood to have a debate, after the first debacle in the morning I am done. We hurried out and straight into the supermarket (after leaving our backpacks by the door). Got our supplies, as I am not a fan of supplied toiletries. The supermarket was okay, but I plan on visiting Carrefour in Kuta – I have read up on it so much LOL (I also have a thing for Supermarkets especially international ones. You find really interesting things! Yes my husband gets to come along too ?). We walked back onto the road and got a BlueBird taxi – Hallelujah!! Didn’t even have to ask for the meter to be turned on – he had, and he (driver) insisted on giving us back the change when we had declined. My faith in humanity has been restored – KIDDING!

Headed home decided to get lunch. Our process of picking places is simple – google maps and check out reviews (also within walking distance – trying to get in as much exercise as possible) lunch at Warung Beach Breeze, after spending over an hour looking at restaurants online. It’s an adventure, that my husband would like to give a miss. I find that some meals are hits and some are terrible! My go to meal is a nasi goreng – I have become, lets say a connoisseur? On the way back home I noted a spa I would like to try  (mental note to self) and straight into the pool for a dip. Could not swim for too long, the water was cold and the sun was blazing hot – some sort of sorcery. Decided to hop out and relax by the pool and read. Did some writing and meditation. Had dinner at Red Manna, nasi goreng again – I am a creature of habit I will eat the same thing for days and never get bored. Didn’t enjoy the meal fully, as we were being eaten alive by the mosquitoes (forgot to spray DEET before going out – my mistake I was getting hangry and poor husband was not going to start a discussion about it).  Side note *I picked Red Manna was for the coconut water – I have a lot of ‘quirks‘ my husband tells me.  Is this a compliment – it’s debatable. Every meal hunt turns into a little search party, for coconut water – as it must be on the menu!

Coconut water – my FAVOURITE!!

Back to our room – really not interested in any TV watching. Decided to do some writing on our trip. *A little secret – I am not as tech savvy as hubby so I have been getting a lot of assistance… unwillingly…* Honestly we are such WILD party animals!! I finish up, husband still up and working away, I off to the land of dreams. Looking forward to more slow days in Sanur.


  1. Margo Robertson

    Another great read. The older i get the more i like sanur

    • Author

      I fell in love with Sanur – we will definitely be back, because it is just so lovely! It may be my new favourite area in Bali!


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